June Virtual Girl Geek Dinner

We hope you are well in these extraordinary and unprecedented times. As we begin to see the world return to the new ‘normal’ we are excited to announce the very first virtual Girl Geek Dinner. These online events are going to become part of our new normal and will run as well as our in-person events (once normality returns). We understand that not everyone can get to the in-person meetups so this will be another way to connect and learn from one another.

To keep with the spirit of Girl Geek Dinners we have partnered up with a number of industry experts and a culinary expert to provide you with a unique Girl Geek Experience.

Register for our June event today. It is all about personal branding – Topics include:

  • Top 12 tips for a better SEO life – Judith Lewis
  • Understanding your personal character traits to develop leadership & and people skills – Linda Gale
  • ’The Power of You’ – how to build a life of opportunity, impact and fulfilment through the power of being yourself – Hannah Power     

The first round of tickets are now available

Alongside the usual Girl Geek Dinner topic’s we will be providing you with your very own Girl Geek home dining experience. Upon signing up you will receive a bespoke recipe and shopping list to be able to cook your very own girl geek dinner to enjoy whilst you join our online event.

We will include a vegetarian and standard recipe for you to make something amazing with us. And you can let us know how you are getting on via our social channels and share your creations using the hashtag #virtualggd – we love seeing what you create!

We look forward to seeing you all on Zoom with your culinary masterpieces!

Sarah & Chloe

Virtual Events Team

If you can’t see it, just be it!

Too often women say they struggle to find relevant role models in tech.

Rather than moaning about there not being enough role models we need to pull our socks up and start becoming the role models for the next generation.

Ladies rather than looking for others to step up and become your role models, step up and take the mantle.

  • Be the role models
  • Share your stories
  • Support those coming into the industry
  • Mentor & advocate
  • Start shaping the industry
  • Make the rules
  • Share the triumphs and the failures
  • Be honest, open and inspirational
  • Be visible

If you are stuck on how you can do any of these. A quick Google search will tell you all about mentoring opportunities. There are loads of projects calling for inspirational stories of women working in tech. There are opportunities to network locally make yourself known to schools, other networks etc. Even within your own organisation… Share those stories you find and share your own!

Challenge the salary differences, stand up to being marginalized. Don’t take the past as a representation of how it will be in the future (that’s called conforming to stereotypes and stereotypes have a nasty way of self perpetuating unless they are challenged). Don’t accept poor excuses and bad manners. And this doesn’t just mean ladies have to do it all!

Men you too need to step up here. Male advocates for women in tech are in short supply. You too can support women in tech by doing all of the above and challenge those that stand in their way and yours! This is your industry too! Take some responsibility and ownership too, help shape it into an industry we can all be proud of! Here are a few tips on how you could do that.

This sector needs fundamental changes which means people need to believe this industry can and will change. Without these changes we limit the future of technology itself. No one wants that.

Let’s show the other industries that change can happen and fast. After all technology changes so rapidly why shouldn’t people…

We are Girl Geek Dinners but more importantly we are a voice for change.

Who runs the world? Girls!

The Illinois Technology Association agrees with Beyoncé which is why we are excited to host our Spring Tech Challenge from April 10-16, 2019 for any U.S. based student who identifies as a female in higher education. This virtual coding challenge is open to any major or degree, and the winner receives $1,000.

Girl Geek Dinners are proud to support this initiative and would encourage you to share the details of this event with those people you know who may be interested in getting involved in this initiative.